West Manse

The West Manse is a large, comfortable and friendly house; about three quarters of our guests are return visitors.

Let’s get the “WHY YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE THE MANSE” out of the way to start with,


The Manse welcomes families

The West Manse has been a family home for a long time, so it has been enjoyed by generations of children. It feels like it; there is space in the house, outside the house and down on the long sandy beach below for children to play as they used to play in the past.

Yes there are real dangers like the sea, cliffs at the Noup Head, wind in the winter and farm machinery, but Westray is happily still a place where children can play and have adventures.

We have eleven grandchildren aged 16 and under (five nearby in Westray).   It is impossible for us, at this stage, not to think of children and what they might like or need.
What makes the West Manse great for kids - in no particular order.

So come and have a family holiday showing your children that there is a life without gadgets, a place where they can build dens, find treasure, stamp in puddles, get filthy and just let their imaginations run riot!

It's wonderful being a child, and in Westray, they still can be. Let every day be an adventure…