Dear Dogs

We offer pet friendly accommodation; your dogs are very welcome at Brotchie. Please could you ask your dogs to read this before they come.

Dear Dogs

WELCOME! We hope that you have a really good time in Westray - lots of walks, beaches and rabbits.

We love dogs - if you like come and meet our dog!

Muddy, sandy footprints downstairs - no problem.

Swimming in ponds, really, no problem at all.

What we absolutely and completely HATE is...

Peeing inside the house. Your poo not collected, bagged and binned. Going up the stairs - Hairs on the beds - Uck! Scratching the doors. Getting on the furniture. Eating from the plates, bowls, frying pans etc. us people use. Chasing farm animals (you might get shot as well)

Would you do any of these?

Of course you wouldn't


Illustration by Britt Harcus